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Sustainable Solutions

Andersen Companies –

Fairfield, NJ

A modern 40,000sf corporate office and state of the art woodworking shop. KSI performed a site visit and through careful analysis provided strengthening details to increase the existing roof framing load carrying capacity to support new solar panels.


Ski Barn –

Paramus & Lawrenceville, NJ

A premier pro ski and snowboard shop, Ski Barn contacted Amber Jack Solar to install solar panels for 2 stores. KSI performed a site visit to document the existing roof framing to determine if there was adequate load carrying capacity to support new solar panels. Through careful analysis identifying areas of placement, KSI worked hand in hand with Amber Jack Solar to coordinate the installation.

STS Tire Stores – 

Locations throughout

NJ/NY Metropolitan Area

STS is the largest independent tire and automotive service company in the Northeast. KSI performed site visits to 18 STS locations throughout NJ, documenting the existing roof framing. KSI’s experienced staff of engineers quickly and efficiently assessed the needs of STS offering specific recommendations for each individual location.


Garden State Lumber Warehouses Oakland, NJ

Solar feasibility study for two, 30,000 sq. ft. and 48,600 sq. ft., pre-engineered metal structures with standing seam metal roofs warehouses.

Private Residence - Alpine, NJ

Single family home featured on the 15th Annual National Solar Tour, the world's largest grassroots solar event.


Scenic Landscaping - Haskell, NJ

Complete structural design of a 5,800 sq. ft. open wood framed solar canopy. The structure is designed to support solar panels across the roof while providing clear span for truck access below.

Rail Road Construction - Edison NJ

Solar feasibility review of two conjoined one-story structural steel framed roofs.  The warehouse was 18,000sf and the mechanics shop was 11,300 sq. ft.  The roof framing consisted of open web steel joists at 4’-0” ft o.c. supported on steel wide flange beams which spanned 50 ft and were supported by steel columns.

Corrados Children's Wear Centre - Clifton, NJ

Solar feasibility review of a one-story structural steel framed roof.  The roofing system was flat and consisted of EPDM over insulation and 1 1/2” metal deck.  Limiting factors for the solar array placement were existing roof top units and areas adjacent to large signage overlooking the Garden State Parkway.

Lukoil Garage & Canopy - Oakland, NJ

Site survey to document the existing gas pump canopy framing and automotive garage roof framing.  The 1,200 sq. ft.  canopy will have mechanically anchored solar panels and the 1,200 sq. ft. garage will utilize a ballasted solar system.


Glen Rock Stair Corp - Franklin Lakes, NJ

An exhaustive structural survey of the complex was performed to document the roof framing, which was later analyzed by our engineers using field data, structural modeling software (Ram Advanse), and industry data. Several different roof framing systems ranging from pre-engineered wood roof trusses to steel framed flat roofs and more were reviewed.  Of the total roof area of 13,500 sq. ft., only 9,300 sq. ft. was solar ready.


275 Industrial Way - Eatontown, NJ

Structural analysis of existing 40,000 sq. ft. roof to support the additional weight of a ballasted solar panels system.  The existing roof structure consisted on open web steel joists supported by structural steel girders and columns.

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