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Academic Institutions

Christian Brothers Academy,

CBA - Lincroft, NJ

KSI's contributions to the all-boys high school include the structural review and repair of the brother's chapel, the cross country team practice facility and the brother's dormitory. Our strong relationship with CBA has been of great benefit to both CBA and KSI.

Drew University -

Madison, NJ

With the challenges of a growing student body, Drew University has been proactive in maintaining and upgrading their buildings throughout the campus. KSI is proud to have supported the University in:

  • Building repairs and maintenance.

  • Construction phase of the new addition/renovation of the emergency response center.

  • Review of possible earthquake damage of the Methodist Archives building.

  • Structural design in conjunction with the planned Seminary Building MEP upgrade project.

Cannon Club, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ


Built in 1915, Cannon Club was one of the oldest eating clubs at Princeton University. Major structural modifications were required throughout the entire 12,000 sq. ft. site inclusive of the  kitchen, cafeteria, bathroom facilities, and student residence rooms. It was necessary to remove existing bearing walls to meet handicap accessibility, health, safety and other building code requirements

Acelero Learning Center -

Perth Amboy, Camden &

New Brunswick, NJ

KSI provided design & engineering services to three Head Start pre-schools in NJ. This included the structural design of a 13,000 sq. ft. renovation of an existing warehouse for the conversion to a daycare facility. 

Beth Medrash Govoha Rabbinical College - Lakewood, NJ

This 20 million dollar project consisted of the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new 45,000 sq ft. three story facility for the Rabbinical College. The main hall featured custom engineered steel barrel vault trusses, which clear spanned 84' and provided support for the  main architectural element.

Deal Yeshiva -
West Long Branch, NJ

This project consisted of an addition to the existing school.  New construction of 20,000sf steel joist on masonry bearing walls building.  

Additional Projects
Gables Elementary School - Little Silver, NJ

KSI provided a thorough review and remedy of soil erosion and migration around and under the perimeter grade beams and interior foundations.

Cedar Grove High School - Cedar Grove, NJ

KSI provided structural engineering services for the Cedar Grove Referendum project, which included forensic review, extensive MEP upgrades and structural improvements.

Frank Antonides School - Long Branch, NJ

KSI provided engineering design along with framing plans, structural details and performed the gravity design for strengthening the existing science room floor.

KSI met the design goal to minimize conflicts with existing utilities wherever possible.

Monmouth University, Presidents House Reconstruction - West Long Branch, NJ

This project consisted of a structural existing conditions review and report to evaluate the feasibility of structurally reinforcing the existing residence to provide for the growing needs of the college.  

Monmouth University, Pollack Building Renovation - West Long Branch, NJ 

Renovation of two existing stadium seating classrooms including an approximate 2000 sf of space.

Kean University, Administration Building – Union, NJ

20 million dollar project included the renovation and addition to the existing historic structure previously used as housing for past presidents.


Madison Avenue School Renovation -Newark, NJ

Architectural and structural renovations and the addition of emergency egress structures.

Maple Avenue School Renovation and Maple Avenue Annex- Newark, NJ

Architectural and structural renovations and the addition of emergency egress structures.

Miller Street School Renovation - Newark, NJ

Addition and structural renovations and the addition of emergency egress structures.

Peshine Avenue School Renovation - Newark, NJ

Addition of emergency egress stairs to the existing facility.

Patterson Avenue School Renovation - Newark, NJ

Interior renovation of existing school and the addition of new mechanical systems.

Chancellor Avenue School Renovation - Newark, NJ

Structural repair of the basement mechanical room exterior walls constructed under a main driveway.

Bloomfield High School - Bloomfield, NJ

Engineering service for the contractor to design and install temporary structural supports to remove the first floor walls of a five story structure.

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