We have been using KSI Engineering

 for nearly a decade. In that time we have experienced nothing but the highest quality of service coupled with creative solutions to our often, complex designs.  There is a spirit of excellence in the work that KSI produces that we have not found working with other engineering firms.  They play an integral role in our architectural firm’s success by delivering consistently high quality work.

Richard Tokarski, AIA, LEED AP - Principal
Tokarski Millemann Architects, LLC 


For several years now, KSI has been our exclusive consultant for structural engineering services. Beginning with the structural design of my own personal residence back in 2004, we have since worked on various award-winning high end custom projects together.  The professional relationship that has developed between KSI and RBD is something that we value tremendously. KSI’s work is exceptionally thorough, meticulously detailed, and extremely accurate, to the point that we have received numerous compliments from building contractors and construction officials. 

Richard Bubnowski, Principal
Richard Bubnowski Design, LLC 


I am pleased to offer this recommendation

 as testament to my high level of respect and confidence in KSI Engineers. Our firm has successfully collaborated on numerous projects with KSI and we have always found them to be a valuable member of the project team. 
KSI is comprised of experienced principals and staff, capable of understanding the complexities of a project and providing workable solutions. KSI offers a cohesive organization that affords a fully coordinated approach to a project, providing us with the benefit of “one stop shopping” for all of our consulting engineering needs. 
Kellenyi Johnson Wagner Architects would welcome the opportunity to have KSI Engineers as a member of the professional design team on any of our projects and can highly recommend their services to others. 

Eric L. Wagner AIA, President 
Kellenyi Johnson Wagner Architects 

“I knew Kevin when..

he first started in a two room office with no employees.  He has earned the excellent reputation that has evolved into KSI”.
Hall Construction Co., Inc. has had to use the services of KSI Engineering in rush situations on more than one occasion and Kevin has always handled each of our situations professionally and in a timely manner which helped to keep the project moving.    KSI always proves to be responsive and cooperative, a big factor in meeting our ambitious schedules.

Mark D. Hall, AIC, CPC   

Hall Construction Co., Inc.

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