House of Worship Projects

Bell Tower & Nave, St James Roman Catholic  -  Red Bank, NJBell Tower & Nave, St James Roman Catholic - Red Bank, NJ

An inspection by the country’s lone surviving maker of church bells suggested the 1911 bell tower had structural issues. St James proactively contacted KSI to evaluate the existing condition. On inspection we found the bell tower, while largely in good condition, did require some specific structure repair and reinforcement at the second and third levels. KSI was again called on by St. James to provide a structural evaluation of the first floor framing of the Nave in anticipation of the addition of new granite flooring. Our detailed analysis discovered some areas in need of structural reinforcement. We are pleased to be a trusted resource for St James.

2nd Baptist Church -  Long Branch, NJ2nd Baptist Church - Long Branch, NJ

KSI performed structural designs and shop drawings for a heavily exposed timber roof. Based on our observations the framed truss system was in need of repair. KSI provided engineering designs for the repair to maintain the structural integrity for years to come.

Church of Grace and Peace - Toms River, NJChurch of Grace and Peace - Toms River, NJ

16,000sf cutting edge building providing a three story solution for the sanctuary, fellowship hall and classroom needs for the owner.  The building technology includes poured in place reinforced concrete basement walls and footings whivh support a light but strong steel superstructure.  The roof is framed with custom long span steel trusses utilizing the sloped geometry of both the ceiling and the roof to create a dramatic worship space while providing an economical structural solution.

All Saints Church, Atlantic Highlands, NJAll Saints Church, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

This landmark building in the Atlantic Highlands has suffered structural damage over its long history.  The rectory and storage barn and carriage shed buildings were evaluated for structural stability and restorative structural measures were determined.

St. John’s -  Perth Amboy, NJSt. John’s - Perth Amboy, NJ

KSI was called upon to evaluate the existing conditions of the bell tower for St. John’s and to evaluate the sister tower. The towers are capped with a Byzantine cupola supported by steel framing which had corroded and rusted. Likewise the support members for the bells had also rusted and decayed. KSI was able to design a new support system to stabilize the onion dome tower and support the new bells.

St. Dominic’s Church - Brick Township, NJSt. Dominic’s Church - Brick Township, NJ

KSI performed a structural analysis and strengthening for an existing heavy timber glulam roof structure to support the additional weight of drifting snow load caused by a large addition. KSI performed a site visit to document the existing structure and developed repair details with exposed engineered lumber within the existing space to compliment the original structure.

St. Mary’s Church
55 Front St., Red Bank, NJ
Faith EFC Church, Freehold, NJ
Holy Family, Lakewood, NJ
Calvary Wesleyan, PA
First Presbyterian, Red Bank, NJ
Shrewsbury Presbyterian -Shrewsbury, NJ
Jackson Church, Harvest Times Ministries – Jackson, NJ
Unity Church Steeple by the Shore - Neptune, NJ
Christ Episcopal
Calvary Church – Teaneck, NJ

St. Caissan’s Roman Catholic Church
Trinity Church
Whitehouse United
New Brunswick Church, - New Brunswick, NJ
Mt Piscach Church
Edmond Safra Synagogue – Deal, NJ
Deal Synagogue – Deal, NJ
Jaffari Synagogue – Freehold, NJ
New Hope Synagogue – New Hope, PA
Shaarre Tefilah – Eatontown, NJ
Temple Bethel Beth Miriam Temple – Elberon, NJ

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