Car Dealerships

Contemporary Motors, Mercedes Benz - Little Silver, NJContemporary Motors, Mercedes Benz - Little Silver, NJ

KSI provided structural engineer design for this 10,000sf addition to the existing Mercedes Benz building as part of an overall upgrade to the existing building. The project also included a façade renovation to keep the dealership up to date with the latest Mercedes Benz look. The structural beams and columns were often left exposed and clipped or punched with holes for a unique architectural look.

Circle BMW - Eatontown, NJCircle BMW - Eatontown, NJ

The structural engineering for this 40,000sf new facility presents a long span challenge every engineer loves to solve. The column free 80’-0” span requested by the owner will allow the efficient use of space for the new vehicle maintenance shop and provide a large parking area above for vehicle storage. Using a combination of long span trusses and concrete KSI was able to achieve a cost effective solution to the long span building.

Irwin Mazda - Freehold, NJIrwin Mazda - Freehold, NJ

Irwin Mazda wanted a home that successfully portrayed their brand to consumers. For the most important first impression and curb appeal, the KSI Structural and MEP teams were called in to provide design engineering expertise for a substantial facade renovation. In addition, KSI contributed design engineering services for the transformation of a service area into a showroom.

Liccardi Chrysler Motors - Greenbrook, NJLiccardi Chrysler Motors - Greenbrook, NJ

A dramatic new showroom entrance with a new parapet required KSI to document the existing roof framing determine if there was adequate load carrying capacity to support snow drift. KSI’s report affirmed that the new parapet was sound.

Freehold Honda - Freehold, NJ

During a fast paced project, KSI was called in to perform a redesign of the new 6,000sf addition to utilize a pre-engineered building system and thereby cut months off the schedule. We also provided site inspections with a rapid response to keep the project moving and meet the aggressive deadline. KSI’s positive, can do attitude was praised by the steel fabricator and the Texas based general contractor.

McDonough Chrysler - East Brunswick, NJ

KSI provided the structural engineering design for the transformation of the old dealership into a new modern presence on route 440 in East Brunswick. The addition included both the expansion of the show room and the construction of a new vehicle maintenance shop along with interior renovations. The new 1500sf canopy was designed to gracefully project from the building and provide ample cover for customers.

Lucas Chevy - Avenel, NJ

KSI was challenged to provide engineer service for the new service bay addition, new customer canopy, complete front façade renovation and the elimination of key existing bearing walls at the showroom area. Due to an aging existing building structure and poor existing structural conditions we were challenged to provide common sense and inexpensive design solutions. We worked closely with the architect and the contractor to address numerous filed conditions as they were uncovered and still meet the construction deadline.

Sea View JEEP Chrysler, The JEEP Store - Ocean Township, NJ

A popular Jersey Shore vehicle, JEEP’s planned renovation for an expanded showroom and service area required KSI to offer both gravity and lateral design engineering services. ADA requirements were met in a new service entrance. With a tight budget in play KSI tailored their service to meet the design needs of the architect while still providing the expected level of service.

Pine Belt Chevrolet - Eatontown, NJ

This project consisted of the demolition of the existing showroom and the reconstruction of a new showroom and renovation of the existing service area. The existing steel columns were utilized for support of the new roof along with new structural columns and footings. The large open showroom space was framed with clearspan trusses fabricated in two pieces and assembled in the field. The trusses spanned 70’-0’ with a 12’-0” cantilever overhang at each end to form the architectural façade. This building required tight coordination between the structural elements and the architectural façade as the two went hand in hand.

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