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KSI Professional Engineers Field Notes

Farmingdale, NJ - November 2012
Since Sandy made New Jersey landfall KSI team members have been surveying damage 7 days a week all along the Jersey Coast. The need and demand has been so great and immediate we created systems and pricing to service homeowners who don't know where to turn. It is our mission to help as many people as we can using the talents we have to offer.

Some FEMA inspectors have commented to us the devastation brought by this storm has been the worst in scope they have ever seen. From beloved homes that have been vacation spots for generations of families to iconic buildings such as the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, Sandy did not discriminate. Even homes built like fortresses could not compete with the storm's waves and wind.

It is apparent some homes have greatly mitigated damage through good architecture and sound engineering. Thankfully, many homes KSI engineered remain standing with minimal damage, while older neighboring homes did not fare as well. Many building lessons will be learned from this disaster.

Information is becoming more available but we wanted to share with you a few important sources and links.

Some restrictions lifted in response to Hurricane Sandy

Reconstruction and Land Use Permits

Summary of FEMA programs and resources

We hope this message finds you and your family well. It is yet to be determined the full impact Sandy will have on our cherished shore. Even though the task is great, KSI Professional Engineers looks forward to playing an important part of the rebuilding of New Jersey. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you design structures that will put up a fight to the next 100 year storm.

Remember you can't fool Mother Nature you can only send her someplace else.

KSI Professional Engineers Ready to Help

Farmingdale, NJ - November 2012
We offer our friends and neighbors our sincere sympathies to those affected and suffering from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. It was a storm of unprecedented magnitude and the effects will be felt for months, maybe years to come.

We know our architect clients have been flooded with calls from their clients with questions and concerns.

Please feel free to contact our office at (732) 938-2666 for immediate attention.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those less fortunate than we are. If we can be of any help we hope you will reach out to us.

KSI Professional Engineers Recognizes October 7-13, 2012 as National Fire Prevention Week

Farmingdale, NJ - October 2012
KSI Professional and Consulting Engineers, LLC supports National Fire Prevention Week, the longest running public health and safety observance on record. We salute the thousands of men and women who fight fires throughout the United States and educate the public in fire safety. This week local fire companies will share fire prevention and safety information with almost 11 million schoolchildren across the nation.

We all remember to "Stop, Drop and Roll". The 2012 theme of National Fire Prevention Week, "Have 2 Ways Out!", will focus on the importance of fire escape planning and practice. As Architects and Engineers we are faced with design decisions every day that impact the health and safety of our clients. Reducing any preventable accident, including the thousands of burn fatalities and injuries that are incurred each year is paramount.

KSI-PE has assisted many Fire Companies across the state with structural engineering services, keeping the homes of our Fire Departments safe, comfortable and prepared.

East Brunswick Fire Department-East Brunswick
KSI-PE provided the structural design and construction phase service for the new 21,000sf two story fire house with a partial basement. The building was constructed using poured in place concrete and structural steel construction with prefabricated sloped roof trusses.

In addition, KSI-PE has provided site visits, feasibility studies, soil boring investigations, structural reviews and or engineering designs to-

  • Island Heights Fire House, Island Heights 
  • Lanoka Harbor Fire Station, Lanoka Harbor
  • Leonardo Fire House, Leonardo
  • Madison Park Fire Station, Madison Park 
  • North Centerville Fire Company, North Centerville
  • Sea Bright Fire Company, Sea Bright
  • Spring Lake Fire Company, Spring Lake
  • Squankum Fire House, Farmingdale
  • Tinton Falls Fire Department, Tinton Falls

The KSI MEP team offers fire protection design engineering services including Fire Pump Designs, Hydraulic Calculations and Performance Designs and Sprinkler Design Systems reducing loss if a fire occurs. Our Fire Alarm and Fire Protection systems not only conform to industry standards and meet all code requirements, but also address the objectives of all stakeholders.

In support of National Fire Prevention Week, KSI MEP would like to remind all property, business owners and employers to:

  • Check your fire alarm system
  • Maintain your smoke detectors in both common and tenant spaces
  • Regularly schedule and record a fire system test
  • Invite your local fire department to visit your building and review your testing methods
  • Confirm that if an event happens your system calls out to the fire department


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